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MoEv tool was used. MoEv is a general-purpose tool that allows for building classification models from labeled datasets moev. In addition, MoEv allows for performing data cleaning and pre-processing operations. It has been successfully used in different research areas such us jamming attacks detection on real-time location systems, academic success prediction at educational institutions or to detect network attacks.

The set of models that can be trained with MoEv are:

Adaptive Boosting
Bagging Classifier
Bernoulli Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Classification And Regression Tree
K-Nearest Neighbors
Linear Discriminant Analysis
Naive Bayes
Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
Random Forest
Stochastic Gradient Descent

The diagram of how MoEv is developed internally is as follows:


After running MoEv you will get an output similar to this:


Accuracy for model is: 0.964116

Classification report:

               precision  recall   f1-score    support
           0   0.987845  0.942207  0.964486    198137
           1   0.941017  0.987583  0.963738    184986
   micro avg   0.964116  0.964116  0.964116    383123
   macro avg   0.964431  0.964895  0.964112    383123
weighted avg   0.965235  0.964116  0.964125    383123

Confusion Matrix:

[186686  11451]
[  2297 182689]